April 6, 2009

Dal Roti

Dal and Roti
I remember having this dal almost everyday for dinner with rotis which my mother made, back home in India. Both me and my father were the only ones who used to have it more than anyone else at home :). She used to add All Spice/Tailed Pepper/Kawab Chini to it which gave it a nice aroma and flavor.
It is a simple recipe, very easy to make when you have no time for making curries or want to have something different. I have altered my mother's recipe a bit by adding chana dal masala to it.

Serves 2-3 people
Cooking Time 20-30 mins

Ingredients :

Toor Dal/Kandhi Pappu - 1 cup
All Spice/Tailed Pepper/Kawab chini (optional) only if you like - 5-10
Onion sliced - 1
Tomato chopped - 1
Green chillies slit - 2-3
Coriander chopped - 1/2-1 cup
Chilli powder - 1 tbsp or less (according to your spice level)
Turmeric powder- 1/2 tbsp
Any Chana Dal Masala - 1 tbsp (I used MDH brand, using masala is optional)
Oil - 2-3 tbspSalt to taste
Ginger Garlic paste - 1/4-1/2 tbsp

Method :
  1. Pressure cook the Toor Dal with 2 1/2 cups of water with 3-4 whistles. Do not smash the dal after it is cooked and just keep it aside for cooling.
  2. Now take a saute pan, heat oil then add tailed peppers, onions, chillies and turmeric powder and saute till onions get fried.After which add ginger garlic paste, chopped coriander and mix.
  3. Then, add chilli powder, dal masala, salt and chopped tomatoes to it mix well.Wait for tomatoes to cook roughly (not till they become complete paste) and then add the previously cooked dal to it and saute till everything is completely mixed.Add little water like 1/4 cup and let it cook on medium to low heat for 10 mins and the dal is ready.
  4. Garnish with sliced onions and lemon juice.
  5. Serve hot with rotis or plain rice.


Malar Gandhi said...

Dal roti is my fav' one too...sounds healthy to me.

Pooja said...

Healthy roti...Looking nice..

VineelaSiva said...

Hai Vishali its a healthy dinner.I will try this dal.can please tell me what are the tailed pepper.


Ushanandini said...

A healthy dinner! Dal with roti, is one of my favorite dishes.

Prathibha said...

comfort dinner..dal with roti...

Vishali said...

Thank you all for ur comments :).

Vineela, u can check at Indian grocery store but I had brought them from India.

Chitra said...

dal roti looks yum!!will try,have bookmarked it:)

Recipe man said...

hey this looks so good. im sure to try this out soon. i love dal
thanks. great blog

VineelaSiva said...

Hai vishali thank u for the reply dear.

Vishali said...

You are welcome Vineela.

I have tried the Rasmalai recipe with little alterations...and it came out well. Thank you for sharing!

VineelaSiva said...

Thank u vishali what alternations did u change?

Le @HC said...

Rotis and Dal.. heavenly combination, Vishali.. Dal has nice color.

Vishali said...

Thank you Le.


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